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Yayasan Pulau 
Orang Utan Bukit Merah

We, the Board of Trustees of the Yayasan Pulau Orang Utan Bukit Merah (806325-H) and the Panel of Advisors, have determined that we owe it to our stakeholders, visitors, researchers, the scientific community, the local population, personnel, and future generations to carry out our objectives in a way that advances sustainability and mitigates the negative environmental effect.


In accordance with Malaysian regulations and procedures, we are committed to improving our management of Orang Utan Island at Bukit Merah, Semanggol, Perak, particularly in ex-situ orangutan conservation, which is critical to our contribution to society and future generations.


Explore Our Commitment to Change

Our Vision Statement

To be a globally recognized centre of excellence for orangutan conservation

Our Mission

  • To enhance the role of YPOUBM take into consideration the following:

  • To strengthen Ex Situ Management

  • To enhance and emphasize Education & Awareness

  • To establish Networking, collaboration & strategic partnership

  • To ensure Sustainable financing

  • To empower Research and publication

  • To initiate In situ programme/ project


  • To uphold ex-situ conservation of orangutans in line with state, national and international policies and guidelines. 

  • To promote and enhance active conservation, education and awareness programs.

  • To strengthen strategic cooperation & meaningful constructive management between relevant state and national stakeholders.

  • To ensure sustainable financing from corporate entities and other funding agencies for continuous research and development for orangutan conservation.

  • To diversify the role of the YPOUBM by incorporating applied research and as a referral centre for ex-situ conservation of orangutans

  • To support in-situ orangutan conservation initiatives

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