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Baboon and Manu Life’s Journey

Our Mannu playing with pile of leaves while sitting on the ground.

Dec 09, 2015

Manu is a male Orang Utan baby that was born on December 9th 2015 at Bukit Merah, Orang Utan Island. Manu was born as a cute and healthy baby. Manu's mother, who is Baboon, is a protective and loving mother towards her infants. Manu is the ninth child of Baboon, and because of that, Baboon is really good at taking care of Manu due to the many experiences she has faced as a mother. Even though Manu was an active and cheerful child during his childhood, he still had a few minor health problems like watery diarrhea and fever. Watery diarrhea is most commonly caused by protozoa (Balantidum coli), and it is contracted by eating or drinking contaminated fruit or water. Manu was quarantined in the same cage as her mother Baboon because Manu was extremely clingy to her mother and disliked being held by keepers. But with proper treatment and management from an experienced veterinarian and keepers, they managed to help Manu recover within a short period of time. Baboon also gives a lot of attention to Manu when her son gets sick, she will always put Manu in her arms to make him feel warm and comfortable.

Baboon's life story is more interesting compared to the other Orang Utans at Orang Utan Island because Baboon was the first female generation of Orang Utans that mated and gave birth to the other Orang Utan babies here. Thanks to Baboon too, because she already gave birth to many Orang Utan babies and managed to save her own species from going extinct. Baboon arrived at our Orang Utan Island Foundation in 1991 from Semenggoh Wildlife Rehabilitation Center in Sarawak at the age of 5 years old. We don't have much history or background information on Baboon from her previous veterinarians and keepers before she came here. But what we really know and can confirm about her is that Baboon has a strong curiosity about life and can also be temperamental at certain times. When Baboon arrived at Orang Utan Island, she was in captivity with another Orang Utan named Mike. They have both become best friends since then and cannot be separated.

June 23, 2022

Manu is no longer a little baby, and he is now in the adolescent stage, but his childish behaviours are still maintained. He also starts to show his stubborn and naughty side when he doesn't get what he wants, especially when it comes to food. He will steal other Orang Utans' food and spit towards the keepers when scolded. Manu is currently in an exhibition area with her mother, Baboon, and a few more Orang Utans. Baboon is still close with her son and they play together even though her son is already an adult. This is because Orang Utans usually stay and take care of their infants for 6-7 years, and in Manu's case, he is more spoiled than the other Orang Utans. However, it is still a wonderful and beautiful moment for us at Bukit Merah, Orang Utan Island, to see such a close mother-son bond between Manu and Baboon.

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