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Hang Lipo’s Life Story

Aug 08, 2010

On 8th August 2010, Nafsiah gave birth to a healthy, adorable female orang utan named "Hang Li Po." Li Po had a strong attachment to her mother and disliked it when the keepers touched him. Most of the time, Li Po will be in her mother's arms. Hang Li Po did not face a lot of health problems during her infant stages. After a few months, Li Po was trained by the keepers to develop her forest skills, like climbing, swinging, building a nest, and picking fruit. Li Po learned a lot of forest skills while she was in the enrichment unit. Hang Li Po's favourite enrichment is building a nest from dried leaves and swinging from branches. We are overjoyed with Hang Li Po's progress on our Orang Utan Island.

Hang Li Po and her mother

Mac 23, 2022

This year, Hang Li Po is officially 12 years old and in her fully adult female stages. At this point in her life, Li Po is supposedly ready for mating, but for now, she prefers to be alone and has developed more of her forest skills. Li Po has become stronger, healthier, and naughtier over the last 11 years. Li Po was so excited every morning to go out into the exhibit area while holding the keeper’s hand. She loves to explore and wander around the exhibit area. Li Po spends most of his time playing on the shore or relaxing on the top of a tree. But sometimes, the keepers must pay extra attention to Li Po to ensure she does not escape from the exhibit area because she is a bit intelligent and has her own plan to escape compared to the other Orang Utan. She loves to observe and learn the keeper’s movements. Therefore, Hang Li Po required more attention than usual. Thankfully, Li Po's immune system seems to be stronger; she managed to fully recover from a few minor health problems like flu, fever, and diarrhoea. She is such a strong girl!

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