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Kate & Isak Life Journey: Mother and daughter bonding

April 25, 2022

Isak is a cute and cheerful female Orang Utan baby with lots of love to give. Isak was born at 7:05 a.m. on April 25, 2022. Isak is a healthy baby Orang Utan with a birth weight of 1.26 kg. Isak’s mother, Kate, is a new, young mother, and Isak is her firstborn. The keepers and veterinarian were initially concerned that Kate would abandon her own child, Isak, but fortunately, Kate is very good with her motherhood instinct. Kate is also a very protective mother because she does not allow any keepers to touch or hold her baby. Isak enjoys sleeping on Kate's chest, and they occasionally sleep together in the swing that the rangers have made.

Isak is a captive-born Orang Utan baby at the Bukit Merah Orang Utan Island Foundation, just like her parents, Kate and Jidin. On June 25, 2011, Kate was born. Kate was a very active and healthy baby during her infant stage. Kate loves to eat a lot of fruit and vegetables, plus she also grew faster than the other Orang Utan babies. She didn't have any major health issues, aside from minor ones like fever caused by bacterial infections and diarrhoea caused by intestinal parasite infestations. But with good management and intensive treatment from veterinarians and keepers, Kate managed to grow up and experience becoming a mother.

December 19, 2022

Even though she had not been trained at the enrichment area, the keepers at Orang Utan Island were very impressed with Isak's development and hanging skills, as she was very active to swing in the cage area while her mother observed her. At the same time, Isak also loved to play peek-a-boo with the keepers and showed her small, white baby teeth when she smiled. Isak’s favourite fruit is the apple, she loves to bite into it and suck the juice from it. Once she gets to know you, she will try to get a lot of attention from you.

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